Railroad Operating Authority

Currently, there are more than 2,000 km of railways under provincial jurisdiction which include shortline railways moving grain, oil and wood products; industrial railways providing service to facilities and amusement railways providing educational tours within Saskatchewan.

Shortline rail offers an important link between remote delivery points to main rail carriers such as CN and CP Railways, which move the products to port. These rail lines operate in accordance with The Railway Act and the Provincial Railway Guides.

See Rail Services with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure for more information regarding provincially regulated railways.

The Highway Traffic Board (HTB) issues Railroad Operating Authority Certificates (OAC) authorizing the transportation of goods and passengers by provincially regulated railways.

Who should apply for a Saskatchewan Railroad OAC?

  • Any person operating a railway in Saskatchewan is required to obtain an OAC or temporary OAC from the HTB.

A complete application consists of:

  • A fully completed New/Renewed Railroad OAC Application.
  • A certificate of insurance. Please note this is not mandatory to start the application process, however it is required to be filed with the HTB prior to the issuance of an OAC. Certificates must be issued by the insurer and name the Highway Traffic Board as the certificate holder.

For more information regarding railroad insurance requirements and other rail standards, please see the Provincially Regulated Rail Guides and Standards.

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