Beneficial owner
The person recognized in equity as the owner of something because use and title belong to that person, even though legal title may belong to someone else.

Means a person may have a prejudice or attitude that prevents objective judgment towards something.

A lawyer appointed or engaged to advise or represent a client in legal matters.

The reason or point that something (such as a legal claim or argument) relies on for validity.

The power, right or authority to interpret and apply the law.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
The SGI Medical Review Unit uses the CMA guidelines to determine fitness to drive (also see NSC).

Oxford Dictionary – forming an exception.  Unusual.

Extenuating Circumstance
A fact or situation that does not bear on the defendant’s guilt but is an unusual or unpredictable event that prevents performance.

Oxford Dictionary – out of the usual course; additional, specially employed. Exceptional, surprising; unusually great.  Outside the usual order.

Oxford Dictionary – farthest from the centre; situated at either end; at the utmost point, edge or border; most remote. Last; conclusive.  Greatest, highest, strongest, or the like. Immoderate; violent.

Oxford Dictionary – hardness of fate or circumstance; severe suffering or privation.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Privation; suffering or adversity. The severity with which a proposed construction of law would bear on a particular case, sometimes forming a basis against the construction.

Ignition interlock
An alcohol testing device connected to the ignition and power systems of a vehicle. It prevents the vehicle from being started if you have been drinking. Once the vehicle has been started, the interlock device requires you to provide breath samples at random intervals while the engine is running. For more detailed information about the Ignition Interlock Program, please click here.

Medical Review Unit (MRU)
A unit within SGI that ensures all Saskatchewan drivers have the medical fitness and skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

National Safety Code (NSC)
A comprehensive code of minimum safety standards for the safe operation of vehicles. Includes a medical standard.

Onus of Proof
The obligation to prove allegations which are presented.

The person in whose name a vehicle is registered pursuant to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is registered. In some cases, the appeal may deal with the issue of a beneficial owner.

Public Interest
Black’s Law Dictionary - something in which the public, the community at large, has some financial interest, or some interest by which their legal rights or liabilities are affected.

Oxford Dictionary – loss or absence (of quality; cold is privation of heat); lack of comforts or necessaries of life.