Driver Improvement

SGI has a number of driver programs in Saskatchewan that monitor the driving records of all Saskatchewan drivers. One such program is the Driver Improvement Program which takes actions against drivers who have a high number of traffic convictions or at-fault convictions. Additional information about the Driver Improvement Program can be found on SGI's website.

Who can make a Driver Improvement Program appeal?
If you are affected by a decision made under the Driver Improvement Program, you can appeal to the Board.

What am I appealing?
You are appealing the sanction SGI has placed on your driver’s licence (i.e., suspension, Defensive Driving course, Driver Improvement Training course, or written and/or road test).

Scheduling an appeal hearing
Call us toll-free at 1-855-775-8336 to schedule a date and time for your hearing. Your call will be answered in sequence. Please have your driver’s licence available for reference.

Driver’s licence appeal hearings are conducted in-person and take place in Regina or Saskatoon

Information the HTB will consider at the hearing
Board members will consider the following information:

  • SGI Driver Information
  • Traffic Safety workshops/Driver Interview report

What to expect at the hearing
You will appear in person before three Board members. The hearing is informal, scheduled during the day and will take approximately 30 minutes of your time.

The Board members will:

  • ask you questions regarding the action taken by SGI against your driver’s licence;
  • measure the risk to public safety versus the impact on your suspension; and
  • make a decision on what is in the public’s best interest.

The HTB can either maintain, alter or reverse SGI’s decision. After the hearing, a letter will be sent to you by mail within one week advising you of the HTB’s decision. Decisions reached by the HTB with regards to your appeal are final and binding.