Business Recognition

SGI’s Business Recognition program provides companies that have low claims experience with a discount on their basic vehicle insurance premium and companies that pose a higher risk receive lesser discounts or pay surcharges. Additional information about the Business Recognition Program can be found on SGI's website.

Who can make a Business Recognition appeal
If you are included in SGI’s Business Recognition program, you can appeal any at-fault collision listed in your assessment.

What am I appealing?
If you choose to apply for a Business Recognition appeal, you are appealing the inclusion of a specific at-fault collision on your Business Recognition assessment.  The onus of proof  is on the company to explain why it feels the specific at-fault collision under appeal should not be included in their assessment. 

The company must satisfy the HTB that there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the collision that would make it unfair to include the claim in the assessment. The company must also have conducted the proper due diligence to avoid the at-fault collision. In other words, you are appealing the impact of the claim on your basic auto insurance premium.

Filing a Business Recognition appeal
To file an appeal, please visit any SGI motor licence issuer. There is a $100 fee to have your appeal heard by the HTB.

Once the HTB receives all the necessary documentation (supporting documents) from SGI, you will be contacted by phone to arrange a date and time for your hearing.

If you have any additional information or supporting documents, please provide it to the HTB by email/fax at least  two (2) business days prior to your hearing date.

What to expect at the hearing
Your appeal is heard over the phone. The conference call will include:

  • you (and any person you wish to involve in the hearing);
  • two Board members; and
  • a hearing coordinator (the person who arranges the conference call, takes notes during the hearing and relays the decision to you).

The hearing is informal, scheduled during the day and will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

The HTB can either maintain or reverse SGI’s decision. The decision will be communicated to you by telephone shortly after your appeal hearing. The HTB’s decision with regards to your appeal is final and binding.