About the Highway Traffic Board (HTB)

Who we are:
The HTB is a completely independent body that consists of at least five members appointed by the Minister responsible for the Highway Traffic Board. One member of the Board is appointed as the Chairperson while another member is appointed as Vice-Chairperson. The HTB appoints members as Hearing Officers. The HTB is supported by a Manager, an Administrator and Hearing Coordinators.

The HTB's duties include:

  • Reviewing and judging applications for restricted driver’s licences as a result of convictions pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Hearing applications for early release from vehicle impoundment cases.
  • Reviewing applications for Operating Authorities (buses, limos and shortline rail) and, when necessary, holding hearings to determine if authorities will be issued.
  • Conducting “Show Cause” hearings to consider assigning Saskatchewan-based commercial vehicle operators an unsatisfactory safety rating.
  • Hearing appeals regarding the suspension, revocation or cancellation of vehicle registrations, Vehicle Inspection (Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection) Station certification, Driver Training School certification or Driver Educator certification.
  • Considering requests for the designation of emergency vehicles, defining the allowed uses of the various registration classes and reviewing municipal bylaws.

The HTB's mandate is to provide effective adjudication services through transparent, unbiased and fair hearings, to promote land transportation safety and to perform other Legislated responsibilities.

To have a safe, effective and efficient land transportation system in the Province of Saskatchewan.

The HTB conducts hearings and administers legislation relating to the transportation industry in a fair, just and compassionate manner.

The HTB is committed to the following values and will strive to act accordingly:

The HTB believes in respect toward all individuals including staff, applicants, government representatives, partners and each other.

The HTB will adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.

The HTB believes in the self-worth of all individuals.

The HTB will use all available information in a manner that is fair and in the interest of society as a whole.